3 Questions You Must Answer To Enhance The Sales Copy For Your Online Dating Site

In the unlikely scenario that you have an online dating site that is merely there to provide information, presumably there is at least one service or product that you want visitors to your website to like and ultimately purchase. There are many ways in which you can encourage them to do so but the advice from the digital marketing experts at Slinky Digital Marketing is that the best way to achieve this is with excellent copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of using written text in order to persuade someone to take a specific action. That action may not always be to buy something, and copywriting is often used to persuade someone to enter their email address, or to convince them to take out their mobile phone and make a call, for example. Whatever the desired action may be, with great copywriting it can be achieved.

If you want to hire a copywriter to make conversions increase on your online dating site, there are three basic questions which you must answer before they start planning to write. Without answers to these questions the sales copy that they produce may not be as effective as it otherwise could, so let us look at each of the questions, and why the answers to them are so important.

Question #1: What Is The USP Of Your Online Dating Site?

One of the greatest aids to selling any product or service is for it to have a unique selling point or USP. This is the feature that sets it apart from, and makes it more desirable to, any other products or services it is competing against. Now, your online dating site may have several USPs, which is excellent, but the first task is to determine which is the one major USP that really makes it stand out.

Armed with the USP, and more importantly how that USP benefits those who purchase the product or service, your copywriter can then use their experience and writing skills to create words that truly sell it and make it almost impossible for someone to not want to buy it.

Question #2: Who Are Your Online Dating Site’s Target Audience?

It is too obvious for us to say that it is people who want to date you are targeting, as this also takes no account of the fact that your dating site may operate within a specific niche relating to a certain age group, demographics, or sexual persuasion. By identifying who your online dating site’s main audience is, your copywriter can firstly research that group and then write copy that most appeals to them.

Question #3: Who Is Your Competition?

It might seem strange we would want to know your competition if we are writing sales copy to sell the merits of your online dating site, but it can be an enormous help. By knowing what your main competition is offering, how they are offering it, what pros and cons their products and services have, and what audience they are trying to appeal to, we have a huge advantage.

This allows us to write sales copy that not only counters any of the advantages they might have but also allows us to highlight what your products and services provide for those who purchase them, that your competitions’ does not. As such there is a much greater chance your target audience will see yours as the online dating site they they need, not your competition.