From Fridge to Face: 3 Food Based Skin Care Recipes

From Fridge to Face: 3 Food Based Skin Care Recipes

In our modern and complicated 24-7 life, its sometimes nice to get back to basics and live simply. Not sure where to start? Begin in the bathroom by nourishing your skin with the best ingredients nature can provide – food! Making your own beautifully simple skin care is environmentally friendly, zero waste and kind to your hip pocket too. Don’t spend money on expensive chemical laden skincare with fancy names. Its time for fridge to face beauty! Try these 3 simple and easy to make skincare recipes.

Clear Skin Masque
2 tablespoons of Honest to Goodness Organic Raw Honey

1 tablespoon of Bob’s Red Mill Aluminium Free Baking soda

Mix together and apply to face and massage on in a circular motion. Leave for 15-20 minutes then wash off with warm water.

Raw unfiltered and unpasteurised honey contains incredible nutritional value and health powers. It cleanses pores, nourishes skin and calms redness and is a natural antibacterial with wound healing effects which is great for helping to prevent acne. Baking soda is a great exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and clearing pores, leaving the surface of the skin feeling soft and smooth.

How To Use Backlinks To Improve The Search Engine Ranking Of Your Online Dating Site

How To Use Backlinks To Improve The Search Engine Ranking Of Your Online Dating Site

If you have studied anything about SEO in order to try to improve the search engine rankings of your online dating we are sure you have come across the importance of link building to achieve it. SEO experts all agree that backlinks can act as fuel in driving a website from obscurity to the top of page one on Google, but only if they are set up correctly.

That last point about doing backlinks correctly needs to be considered very carefully because there are countless business owners who have tried to use backlinks to support their SEO efforts but have found them not to have had any measurable effect. Worse than that, if you set up backlinks in the wrong way, it can actually cause Google to penalise your website and send its rankings plummeting.

The solution to all this is to ensure that your backlinking strategy identifies online locations from which a backlink will help your rankings. Some of the key principles you need to follow are, 1) To seek out high quality backlinks, 2) Seek relevant links rather than simply going after as many links as you can, 3) To diversify the types of backlinks you use in terms of the sort of websites they come from, and 4) To create the links at a natural rate, rather than adding them all on the same day.

Let us look at these principles in a bit more detail

5 Fun Outdoor Games For Adult Groups

5 Fun Outdoor Games For Adult Groups

They say that as we grow older, the child within us never leaves us, and that to some extent explains why adults of all ages still love to play games. These can take several forms, and some group activities for adults range from outright competitive sports to simple games. These are good choices whether you’re organising barbecues or bucks parties.

If you are looking for new fun activities band in particular, games, and would prefer them to take place outdoors instead of indoors, we are going to outline 5 of them for you. We hope we have found at least one that everyone who reads this will find enjoyable.

#1 Ring Toss

For this, you will need plastic rings and a number of empty bottles. The object of the game is to throw a ring at the bottles and score points for each bottle that a ring lands around. As a variation, you could paint the bottles different colours and award different numbers of points depending on a bottle’s colour. You can compete against each other individually, or in teams.


Why it Might be Time to Put Honey on the Shopping List

The general population is becoming far more health-conscious than ever before. We want to be eating well, making correct food choices, and checking nutritional value before we consume something. It’s going to put us in good stead in the future, but why not be looking for those extra-special ingredients now?

One such healthy and natural ingredient to help you start eating well is honey. Raw honey, of which there are hundreds of varieties, is both delicious and nutritious. Read on to learn why it might be time to scribble ‘honey’ on your shopping list.

It Can Help with Weight Management

Two in three Australian adults are overweight, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. However, eating well can be quite challenging for those who have been used to high fat and high sugar diets.

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, then raw, organic honey can help. Instead of using a lot of sugar in your snacks and meals, replace that sugary component with honey. Raw honey can lower your blood sugar levels, suppress the appetite hormone that alerts you to feelings of hunger, and promote weight loss. The best part is, it also satiates that craving for sweet stuff.