Warning Signs That You’re Dating A Major Psycho

“Don’t date crazy” is a typical admonition, but how do you spot one beforehand? We’ve all had the experience of finding out someone was less psychologically stable than we’d hoped. We’re not here talking about true mental cases, but just people whose potential disorders can shipwreck a relationship before it gets out of harbor. And relationships are a delicate matter, most affected by someone’s issues when they can still hold down a job and a reasonable place in society.

Anyway, don’t take any one of these for a total limit. But more than one on the list might be a reason to think about whether you want to keep on with this person.

#1. They’re tight-lipped secretive about their past – or even their present. Naturally, they don’t have to dump their complete biography at the first date, but a person who deflects all queries into their background may have something they don’t want you to know.

#2. Rampant substance abuse. A few drinks or even the occasional illicit substance is not what we’re talking about here. But somebody who is constantly drunk, drugged, high, or coming down is a reckless character and life with them, at the very least, will be a calamity – and should be checked into a drug rehab clinic such as www.sivanabali.com as soon as possible

#3. Their life is a constant soap opera. Some people attract drama like a picnic attracts ants. Everybody has a mishap, but the person who’s constantly flailing from one crisis to another has a life that’s skidding out of control – and it could very well be their own doing.

Now How to Avoid Being Just Friends

According to the dating experts over at Aussie Babes, there’s a lot to love in this list of six signs you’ve fallen into the ‘friend zone’, but while we’re at it, why not try to find the point where we made the mistake to end up here, and then see what we could do differently? Follow along with the list, guys:

When your date mentions that she is seeing someone else: your mistake was in not making it clear that you thought of the two of you as being “serious”! In any case, when it gets this far, move to the dump stage. Try to end it gracefully and advise them to try;