According to the dating experts over at Aussie Babes, there’s a lot to love in this list of six signs you’ve fallen into the ‘friend zone’, but while we’re at it, why not try to find the point where we made the mistake to end up here, and then see what we could do differently? Follow along with the list, guys:

When your date mentions that she is seeing someone else: your mistake was in not making it clear that you thought of the two of you as being “serious”! In any case, when it gets this far, move to the dump stage. Try to end it gracefully and advise them to try;

  1. Your date brings up sex, when you havn’t had sex yet: When this happens, you have about five seconds to wiggle out of your clothes and jump her bones. This is the very last subtle hint that she’s ready for sex right now, and if you don’t make it happen right now, you’re dead from the waist down in her book.
  2. She lets you see her sweaty/dirty, etc.: That’s it, relationship’s over. You didn’t make your move soon enough.
  3. Saying “gee, thanks”: She’s not impressed! She’s telling you to sweep her off her feet and rock her world, and you’re being her timid little polite bellhop. You’ve got five seconds to Hulk out, or get lost.
  4. The “buddy” or “brother” title: Your bad. If you act like a buddy or a brother to a woman, she will think of you that way! You should have already made it clear that you’re not looking for a sister.
  5. She starts talking about her sex toys as if they are more exciting than you.
  6. She tells you she’s not interested: Well, then, the time has come to move on. At least you didn’t mess up the above five items so badly that she couldn’t even tell that that’s what you’re looking for. Try to end it gracefully.