Why Infidelity Makes No Difference To Most Divorce Proceedings

Why Infidelity Makes No Difference To Most Divorce Proceedings

The assumption is that when a couple is married, or in a de facto relationship that they will remain faithful to each other for the entirety of the time they are together. When that is not the case, and one partner discovers that the other has cheated on them, then their next move tends to be to call their family lawyer at to start divorce proceedings.

Invariably they will tell their divorce lawyer that the reason for the divorce is infidelity, however, since 1975, getting divorced for that reason has not been a legal possibility. This is due to the fact that the Family Law Act of that year entered into Australian law the principle of no-fault divorce.

Prior to 1975, if you had wanted a divorce, you would have had to sit down with your divorce lawyer and basically build a case against your spouse to show that they were to blame for the marriage ending. Obviously, adultery, if proven or admitted by the other spouse, would indeed show that they were to blame, and the divorce would be granted on that basis.

3 Questions You Must Answer To Enhance The Sales Copy For Your Online Dating Site

3 Questions You Must Answer To Enhance The Sales Copy For Your Online Dating Site

In the unlikely scenario that you have an online dating site that is merely there to provide information, presumably there is at least one service or product that you want visitors to your website to like and ultimately purchase. There are many ways in which you can encourage them to do so but the advice from the digital marketing experts at slinkydigital.com.au is that the best way to achieve this is with excellent copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of using written text in order to persuade someone to take a specific action. That action may not always be to buy something, and copywriting is often used to persuade someone to enter their email address, or to convince them to take out their mobile phone and make a call, for example. Whatever the desired action may be, with great copywriting it can be achieved.

If you want to hire a copywriter to make conversions increase on your online dating site, there are three basic questions which you must answer before they start planning to write. Without answers to these questions the sales copy that they produce may not be as effective as it otherwise could, so let us look at each of the questions, and why the answers to them are so important.

What Happens If Your Partner Wastes Assets During Your Divorce

What Happens If Your Partner Wastes Assets During Your Divorce

Divorce is invariably a stressful time for the two spouses, with issues such as finances including spousal  and child support often at the heart of the matter.  If or when a partner deliberately wastes assets during the divorce to alter their financial position, it is legally termed as dissipation of assets, and if you think this is what your ex is doing this, then you must inform your divorce lawyer.

What is Dissipation of Assets During a Divorce?

According to Black’s Law dictionary, dissipation is regarded as “the use of an asset for an illegal or inequitable purpose, like a spouse’s use of community property for their own benefit, especially when a divorce is apparent.” To put it simply, dissipation is wastage of marital funds or using any marital asset for any other purpose that doesn’t benefit a marriage.

Dissipation of assets can also be regarded as reckless spending or conduct, mainly if that money leaves the marital estate, which thereby reduces whatever remains to be divided during marriage or divorce.

Website Design Principles Your Online Dating Site Must Follow

Website Design Principles Your Online Dating Site Must Follow

If you feel that your online dating site needs a makeover or even a complete rebuild with a brand new website, there are a number of basic website design guidelines you must follow if you want the completed website to be successful. These guidelines are some of the most important factors that the website design specialists at www.slinkywebdesign.com encourage every client who wants a new website to follow.

If you think about it, the building of a new website follows some of the same principles than if you were building a house, a car, or machine. It needs to be planned thoroughly, the assets required to build it must be in place, it requires a significant degree of skill and experience within the team who are building it, and the finished website needs to be fully checked tested before it goes live.

As well as those basic principles, there are additional guidelines that all experienced web designers will advise you to follow with respect to your new online dating website. Whilst there will be plenty of scope to make the website unique and to match your thoughts are in terms of its appearance and how it functions, these guidelines should be followed to ensure the success of your website.

How To Use Backlinks To Improve The Search Engine Ranking Of Your Online Dating Site

How To Use Backlinks To Improve The Search Engine Ranking Of Your Online Dating Site

If you have studied anything about SEO in order to try to improve the search engine rankings of your online dating we are sure you have come across the importance of link building to achieve it. SEO experts all agree that backlinks can act as fuel in driving a website from obscurity to the top of page one on Google, but only if they are set up correctly.

That last point about doing backlinks correctly needs to be considered very carefully because there are countless business owners who have tried to use backlinks to support their SEO efforts but have found them not to have had any measurable effect. Worse than that, if you set up backlinks in the wrong way, it can actually cause Google to penalise your website and send its rankings plummeting.

The solution to all this is to ensure that your backlinking strategy identifies online locations from which a backlink will help your rankings. Some of the key principles you need to follow are, 1) To seek out high quality backlinks, 2) Seek relevant links rather than simply going after as many links as you can, 3) To diversify the types of backlinks you use in terms of the sort of websites they come from, and 4) To create the links at a natural rate, rather than adding them all on the same day.

Let us look at these principles in a bit more detail

Personalised Pyjamas

What to Consider When Purchasing Personalised Pyjamas for Your Big Day

Putting aside the fact that a wedding results in you marrying the love of your life, there are also other benefits associated with it. You get to form an unbreakable bond with your bridal party through fun activities like wearing personalised pyjamas, beauty treatment, and fun nights out.

Even though your bridal party will assist in many parts of the wedding planning process, there’s one thing left in the bride’s capable hands: choosing the pyjamas. How do you pick some that will be right for your bridal party and your wedding?

  1. Think Seasonally

Summer weddings are, of course, the most popular. People love getting married when the sun’s shining, rather than when the rain is bucketing down. In saying that, weddings do occur throughout the year. Therefore, it pays to think about the season before selecting the best pyjamas for your bridal party.

In summer, short sleeves, light materials, and boyfriend shirt-style pyjamas can be winners. The lighter they are, the more comfortable they will be when the mercury rises. If you’re having a winter wedding, long-sleeve pyjamas with snug slippers can be a winning recipe.

Engagement Rings Metal

Choosing Your Engagement Ring Metal

When it comes to jewellery, not exclusive to only engagement rings or marriage, everyone has a metal preference. Some people like the hardiness of tungsten or zirconium, while others prefer the traditional warmth and style of yellow gold. Some people also prefer silver and similar metals due to their hypoallergenic properties. No matter your preference, you are sure to find that there are positives for each metal type.

Knowing them can make all the difference when you’re trying to decide which metal you’d like for your engagement rings.


Not everyone knows that there is more than one variety of gold available – each of which will appeal to a different group of people. White gold is one of the most popular options and offers a brilliant and striking backdrop for the clarity of a diamond. Usually, white gold has a rhodium plating which you may need to replace over time.

Pre-schooler’s Lunch Box

What to Put in My Pre-schooler’s Lunch Box for Child Care

No matter what form of child care you have enrolled your pre-schooler in, you will no doubt be struggling to think of things to put into their lunch boxes. While there are many packaged treats and snacks at the supermarket, many don’t meet the mark for nutritional value. Instead, they are often high in fat, sugar, additives, preservatives, and salt. For a growing child, it’s important to select more natural ingredients.

However, knowing some supermarket options are not suitable doesn’t solve your predicament. You need to fill your children’s lunchboxes with something, so what will it be? When the time comes to enroll your children in child care, the following lunch box ideas may help.


Yoghurt is a firm favourite in many households for many reasons. The kids never tire of it because it comes in so many flavours, too. You can opt for the natural fruit variety with real fruit and tangy natural yoghurt. Or, you can ensure your children get all the calcium they need with vanilla, chocolate, banana, and similar options. Alternatively, you can swap the individual pottles for home-made yoghurt you pack and prepare yourself.

When you send your children off to child care with yoghurt, be sure to include a plastic spoon as well as a zip-lock bag to put the pottle in. By doing so, you can save a lot of mess to clean out of the lunch box.

Online Dating

Is Online Dating Really Worth It

Seriously, after all this you really wanna know whether it’s really worth it? Wow! Okay enough of the sarcasms, but seriously, why even ask if something like this is worth it if you know that actual dating is simply not working for you. Alright, once you’ve admitted that you’ve given up on actual dating, there is no other way but either for you to be a momma’s boy and get married to a far off cousin or resort to online dating. Unless you’re someone like a hillbilly, I’m sure that marrying one of your cousins is just retarded, so online dating it is then.

There is no matter of a doubt that dating is simply popular, it was then and it sure as hell is now, even more so to speak. This is where the online dating scene comes into picture. Online dating is nothing but a portal for singles where they can meet someone who shares their interests and looking forward to start a new relationship. So when it comes to online dating, you have to be crystal clear about the kind of person that you’re looking for. This has to be given in detail in your profile where you even have to describe yourself detailing your hobbies, profession, etc.

Benefits of a Good Vacation on a Marriage

Life can be tough on a marriage. From the problems at work and caring for the kids to working out the finances and getting everything done at home, sometimes couples can’t help it but focus on everything else except their relationships. Many marriages have fallen apart because couples spend so much time on everything else that they forget the most important thing, each other.

This is why married couples need to take vacations, even if it is just for a weekend. Travelling has many wonderful benefits; it is therapeutic, fun and encourages relaxation. A holiday relaxing in a private luxury villa can work wonders on your relationship.