Website Design Principles Your Online Dating Site Must Follow

If you feel that your online dating site needs a makeover or even a complete rebuild with a brand new website, there are a number of basic website design guidelines you must follow if you want the completed website to be successful. These guidelines are some of the most important factors that the website design specialists at encourage every client who wants a new website to follow.

If you think about it, the building of a new website follows some of the same principles than if you were building a house, a car, or machine. It needs to be planned thoroughly, the assets required to build it must be in place, it requires a significant degree of skill and experience within the team who are building it, and the finished website needs to be fully checked tested before it goes live.

As well as those basic principles, there are additional guidelines that all experienced web designers will advise you to follow with respect to your new online dating website. Whilst there will be plenty of scope to make the website unique and to match your thoughts are in terms of its appearance and how it functions, these guidelines should be followed to ensure the success of your website.


Such is the importance of planning a new website that it counts as both a core principle and as a guideline within the process of building it. Planning will cover everything from the colours that are to be used, to the coding needed to make it function, and without planning the chances of your website’s design being satisfactory are severely compromised.

If you are employing a website design agency to design your new online dating site, which is the best option, then one of the benefits of that is that they will want to listen to your thoughts and ideas about the look, style, and functions of the website, given that you know your target audience better than anyone.

Ease Of Use

Whether it is an online dating site or a website about growing tomatoes, the easier and more straightforward it is for visitors to use the website, the better. First, this will make any visitor’s experience of using the website a more positive one which means they are more likely to return or to recommend the site to others. Second, if their experience is a good one, the chances of them taking a desired action, such as making a purchase, are greatly increased.

Essential Pages

One of the key goals of your website, especially if it is one where purchases of services and products are likely to happen is to gain the trust of those who visit. There are many ways this can be done, but in terms of your online dating site, the inclusion of certain pages can go a long way to building that trust.

The first is an ‘About Us’ page. If there is absolutely no mention of who owns or runs your online dating site, nobody is likely to want to disclose their credit card details to a website whose owner is anonymous. You do not need to give every detail about yourself but a short bio along with name and photo will certainly help.

Another page should be a ‘Contact Us’ page which can include your email address or a contact form for visitors to leave their details so you can contact them back.