Dental implants have been a solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth for some time now and have transformed the lives of many people. However, they may not be the most commonly known dental treatment, and certainly, compared to people’s understanding of what dentures are, there is certainly a gap in knowledge with regards to dental implant treatments.

As with any medical treatment or procedure that people are not 100% aware of, rumours, myths, and scare stories are conjured up by some unknown person or persons that invariably try to put a negative spin on it. Unfortunately, many of these stories seem so believable that they are accepted as the truth, and as such someone might deny themselves the opportunity to benefit from a treatment, that would otherwise benefit them.

Dental implants are as much subject to these myths and untruths as any other kind of treatment, particularly as it is considered ‘cosmetic’ and therefore in some peoples’ minds deemed as a prime candidate for negative stories. So, in order to help anyone who might be considering dental implants but has been put off by one of these myths, we are going to debunk the five most commonly told.

Myth #1: Having Dental Implants Fitted Is Extremely Painful

This certainly overexaggerates the issue by some margin. You will need minor surgery to have dental implants fitted, but this is done either with a local anaesthetic to numb the area, or, if you wish, you can go for a general anaesthetic. After the procedure, and as the anaesthetic wears off, you may feel anything from slight discomfort to some pain, but these can be addressed by prescribed painkillers, and as each day passes any discomfort will recede completely.

Myth #2: Dental Implants Cost a Fortune

There is no denying that depending on the specific dental implants you are having, the upfront price can be ten thousand dollars or more, but this must be seen as an investment, not a cost. You have to remember that this is a specialised high-quality and customized treatment that will last for many years, has no ongoing costs, and can return your peace of mind and quality of life, for which any monetary investment would seem justified.

Myth #3: You Cannot Eat Normal Foods

This might be the case during your recovery period when the implants and your jawbone are fusing in order to make the bond as secure as possible. This can take several months but remember this is a treatment that is going to be in place for decades to come, so the wait will be worth it. The good news is, at around six months, you should be able to eat any food you wish, including the chewy ones, like steaks and apples.

Myth #4: People Can See You Are Wearing False Teeth

This simply is not true. Dental implant teeth look perfectly natural, and unless someone was aware you previously had missing or damaged teeth, they would never know looking at you that you have had dental implants fitted. Besides, who cares if someone knows? One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that your appearance , and in particular your smile, are restored, and rather than being ashamed or embarrassed about that, you should be telling the world.

Myth #5: Dental Implants Do Not Last for Very Long

Another complete myth. In fact, of all the possible dental treatments you could choose from to replace teeth, dental implants are the one which should outlast any of them. Unless you fail to follow proper oral hygiene and an infection occurs as a result or are unfortunate to have an accident that impacts your jawbone and causes damage to them, you should expect your dental implants to last for many years.