Pre-schooler’s Lunch Box

No matter what form of child care you have enrolled your pre-schooler in, you will no doubt be struggling to think of things to put into their lunch boxes. While there are many packaged treats and snacks at the supermarket, many don’t meet the mark for nutritional value. Instead, they are often high in fat, sugar, additives, preservatives, and salt. For a growing child, it’s important to select more natural ingredients.

However, knowing some supermarket options are not suitable doesn’t solve your predicament. You need to fill your children’s lunchboxes with something, so what will it be? When the time comes to enroll your children in child care, the following lunch box ideas may help.


Yoghurt is a firm favourite in many households for many reasons. The kids never tire of it because it comes in so many flavours, too. You can opt for the natural fruit variety with real fruit and tangy natural yoghurt. Or, you can ensure your children get all the calcium they need with vanilla, chocolate, banana, and similar options. Alternatively, you can swap the individual pottles for home-made yoghurt you pack and prepare yourself.

When you send your children off to child care with yoghurt, be sure to include a plastic spoon as well as a zip-lock bag to put the pottle in. By doing so, you can save a lot of mess to clean out of the lunch box.

Fruit Salad

You may find that when you send your pre-schooler off to child care facilities with a whole apple, pear, or orange, they won’t eat it. Often, it’s not that they don’t want it, it’s just that they may struggle with large pieces of fruit. If you take this same fruit and create a fruit salad out of it, you stand a far better chance of receiving an empty container when they come home. What’s more, fruit is packed full of vitamins and essential nutrients they need for growth.

Carrot Sticks and Hummus

If you want to ensure your pre-schooler is getting plenty of healthy options in their lunch box, you can’t go wrong with carrot sticks. Not only is the colour bright and inviting, but as they are chopped up, they become convenient finger food. What’s more, if you pair them with hummus or a similar dip, it becomes a fun experience. Children love to explore with their hands, and you may find this can extend to vegetables as well.

Sandwich Rolls

Not every pre-schooler is a fan of sandwiches. As they are so large to eat – even when you cut them in half – they can often be left until last. However, if you flatten the bread, cut the crusts off, then include their favourite filling before rolling them up, you stand a better chance of success. They will look fun, they are a smaller size for tiny hands, and you can get inventive with the ingredients you incorporate.

Many child care facilities ask parents to be careful about supplying food with eggs, nuts, and dairy due to children with allergies. If you’re looking for ideas to fit that criterion while still being inviting for your children, consider these options above. They are sure to be a hit.