Life can be tough on a marriage. From the problems at work and caring for the kids to working out the finances and getting everything done at home, sometimes couples can’t help it but focus on everything else except their relationships. Many marriages have fallen apart because couples spend so much time on everything else that they forget the most important thing, each other.

This is why married couples need to take vacations, even if it is just for a weekend. Travelling has many wonderful benefits; it is therapeutic, fun and encourages relaxation. A holiday relaxing in a private luxury villa can work wonders on your relationship.

For couples, one of the most important benefits of a vacation is the time it offers you to rediscover each other. On your trip, all the daily pressures of life are removed and you will have the time to strip back those layers and really talk. You will also have the chance to be yourself outside of the parenting roles, because you’ll just be two normal people enjoying each other.

Another benefit is the opportunity to experience something new together. This is especially true if you’ve never visited the place before. Discovering new places, experiencing another culture, and eating new foods can help you add some more incredible memories to your collection.

Taking time away together can be a great opportunity for you to stop, laugh and appreciate all the things that you love. Oftentimes we are so tied down with the responsibilities of life that we lose out on all the fun. A vacation together will offer you both the freedom to be silly, experiment and play. After all, what’s a marriage without a little fun?

With all the daily stress that life throws your way, it’s easy to neglect yourself or worse your partner. Even if you are not guilty of this, taking a few days out of the year to just step away together can add some zest to your relationship and make it much stronger.