Engagement Rings Metal

When it comes to jewellery, not exclusive to only engagement rings or marriage, everyone has a metal preference. Some people like the hardiness of tungsten or zirconium, while others prefer the traditional warmth and style of yellow gold. Some people also prefer silver and similar metals due to their hypoallergenic properties. No matter your preference, you are sure to find that there are positives for each metal type.

Knowing them can make all the difference when you’re trying to decide which metal you’d like for your engagement rings.


Not everyone knows that there is more than one variety of gold available – each of which will appeal to a different group of people. White gold is one of the most popular options and offers a brilliant and striking backdrop for the clarity of a diamond. Usually, white gold has a rhodium plating which you may need to replace over time.

Yellow gold is traditional for engagement rings and wedding bands. It’s warmer and features a mix of copper, silver, and gold to offer that unique yellow color. Rose gold, on the other hand, is fast-growing as a trend for jewellery but is relatively new to the engagement ring scene. It’s more orange in color but tends to differ depending on the carats you choose.


Silver continues to be one of the longest-standing and most popular metal options for jewellery – including engagement rings. It’s versatile, malleable, and works beautifully with all manner of other jewellery pieces as well. However, if you plan on purchasing silver engagement rings, be aware that they are more prone to scratching than other metal options, while also falling victim to tarnishing over time.


If you or your loved one has sensitive skin, then an excellent metal option for your engagement rings is going to be titanium. As it’s hypoallergenic, it suits a range of people suffering from skin irritation, while also being hardier than other metals as well. Titanium is also strong, resistant to scratches, and lightweight.


If you only want the best of the best when it comes to engagement rings, then set your sights on platinum. Similar in appearance to silver but with a stunning white sheen, platinum offers couples unparalleled convenience. It’s hard, pure, hypoallergenic, and strong as well. As a result, if you work in an industry where you use your hands a lot, your engagement ring will be able to handle the daily wear and tear.

Choosing engagement rings can be hard enough, especially with the vast selection of designs on offer. Then, throw into the mix the several metal options, and you can find yourself unsure where to go from here. If you’re struggling to make a decision on which engagement rings to purchase, talk to your local jeweller.