Honey in the health scene is not a new phenomenon, and even in the realm of natural skin care and body care products, it’s not a fad, trend, or new player. Honey has been, for hundreds of years or more, a favourite natural and organic product for health. Here is what you can expect when you purchase gooey gold honey in a jar. The benefits for every area of your body may just surprise you.

For Skin

If you have “problem skin” that always seems to flare up and become itchy or irritated, then it might be time to step away from synthetic creams and try honey. Honey features a whole host of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to clear up rashes, soothe irritations, fine lines and offer a beautiful summer glow. What’s more, it’s a far cheaper skin care product than what you’ll typically find from leading cream and lotion brands.

For Energy

If you struggle to find food to offer that much-needed energy boost for high-intensity training or activities, then reach for a jar of honey. Even by including a minuscule amount in homemade goods, you can benefit from a natural energy snack with plenty of amino acids, minerals, and proteins your body needs to function.

For Heart Health

While evidence is a little sketchy regarding honey’s connection with heart health, it’s nice to know it could be related. Some studies show it can help with increased blood flow and circulation, as well as reducing the risk of oxidative stress.

For Hair

If you are facing an upward battle with dry, flaky skin on your scalp and even dandruff, then try a natural body care product featuring honey. While regular supermarket shampoo and conditioner can irritate and exacerbate the problem, this natural and beneficial ingredient may be able to fix it. You can also use it for an itchy scalp and hair loss. Mix it with vegetable oil and massage it into your scalp. Before long, you may benefit from its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

Honey is more than a delicious spread for your toast or sandwich. And, while it goes great in energy balls as a snack, it’s equally as beneficial for your skin, hair, and body. Why not add organic honey to your shopping list and give it a try? Its many benefits may be enough to convince you to swap synthetic products for more natural options.