If you are looking for Botox injections it may be better to choose somewhere like Perth for the treatment, rather than Thailand or Bali. In Perth you can find highly qualified cosmetic surgeons that you can trust to do a good job with your treatment, and the first step is understanding how Botox works and how what causes Botox to freeze your face.

While many overseas destinations are ideal for holidays, they are not so good for medical procedures because you don’t know what their standards for care are.  Besides, who wants to spoil a great holiday by having a medical procedure when they could be out and about having fun?

There are many advantage for having Botox treatment in Perth

  • You can stay within reach of further help should you require it for any reason, rather than being separated by thousands of kilometres from the clinic and the doctor where you had the treatment.
  • You have peace of mind that the standards of treatment and care will be very high.
  • You can be sure that the cosmetic doctor is fully trained to our high Australian standards and experienced in administering the injections.
  • If the doctor is an Australian, you’ll be better able to understand him or her. Not everyone finds it easy to understand the accent of overseas doctors, even though they all do a remarkable job of learning English.
  • If you don’t live in Perth, you can enjoy looking at all the many sights and the beaches, as well as going further afield to explore your own country. This can be done before the treatment, just in case you don’t feel up to it afterwards.
  • There are some great cosmetic clinics in Perth.

While people do go overseas for this and other kinds of cosmetic surgery, it may not be as cost effective as they expect. For a start, there is the airfare to consider, plus the accommodation costs, which would not be a problem if you live in Perth.

Then there is the problem of possibly having the job poorly done and the further cost of more treatment to fix it in Australia – not to mention the effect on your body of developing an infection or having more treatment done on top of the first.

In fact, an Australian doctor may require you to wait for another 3 months to ensure you don’t get an overdose of Botox, something that can cause even more problems.  So you’ll have all that time suffering the consequences of treatment that has not given you the result you expected.

An overdose can cause things such as trouble swallowing, muscle weakness, or breathing that is shallow or weak, so you wouldn’t want to risk that.  The cost of going overseas for treatment must be counted in more than dollars.