Waist Trainer For Best Results

If you’ve decided that as part of your new diet and workout routine you’d like to try a waist trainer, there are a few things to consider. Aside from the style and the goals you’ve put in place, you may also like to think about how to wear it for best results.

The first step to wearing a waist trainer correctly is by choosing the best size. If you’re buying one in store, you can rely on the expertise of the shop assistant to help you select the best size. However, if you’re buying online, it may pay to do your research. Most waist trainers you can buy online have easy-to-find size charts on their website. Therefore, you can measure your waist at its widest point and find out the most accurate size you need.

However, most people choose to go down a size so they can truly benefit from all a waist trainer has to offer. This is not the correct approach. As most waist trainers on the market feature extreme levels of compression, your correct size is the actual size of the waist trainer you should purchase. You can then slowly alter it on different clasp levels to reach your desired goal.

Putting Your Waist Trainer On

When you have your new waist trainer in-hand, it’s time to put it on! At first, you may find it’s a little tricky to put on, and it will feel tight. If you’re able to put it around you without having to pull on the clasps, you know you’ve got the right size.

Once you have it wrapped around your body, begin by attaching the hooks from the bottom upwards. You then want to hook them at the narrowest part of your waist before adjusting the trainer upwards and securing the rest in place. At first, it’s going to feel tight and uncomfortable, but you should be able to have the clasps on the last setting with room to keep going narrower as time passes.

When you first use your waist trainer, be patient and allow time for your body to adjust. Wear it for one or two hours at a time, get used to the feeling, and gradually increase this time. Before long, you’ll be able to wear it at a different clasp level, and you’ll barely know it’s there.

Be Patient with Your Waist Trainer and Yourself

When you desire a flatter stomach and an hourglass figure, it’s all too easy to get impatient and want results immediately. However, getting to that point takes time. Therefore, most waist trainer retailers are going to recommend a gradual introduction to waist training, opposed to putting it on the tightest setting from the beginning.

If you begin to experience any shortness of breath, pain, bulging or extreme discomfort, take it off immediately. While wearing a waist trainer, in the beginning, is a big adjustment, it should not cause pain or shortness of breath.

Waist training is a big step, especially if you’ve never worn anything that even slightly resembles a waist trainer. Therefore, when the time comes to purchase one, be sure you’ve done your research. Be careful with choosing your size, putting it on, and wearing it for long periods of time. Take your time, and eventually, you will see the results you desire.