Personalised Pyjamas

Putting aside the fact that a wedding results in you marrying the love of your life, there are also other benefits associated with it. You get to form an unbreakable bond with your bridal party through fun activities like wearing personalised pyjamas, beauty treatment, and fun nights out.

Even though your bridal party will assist in many parts of the wedding planning process, there’s one thing left in the bride’s capable hands: choosing the pyjamas. How do you pick some that will be right for your bridal party and your wedding?

  1. Think Seasonally

Summer weddings are, of course, the most popular. People love getting married when the sun’s shining, rather than when the rain is bucketing down. In saying that, weddings do occur throughout the year. Therefore, it pays to think about the season before selecting the best pyjamas for your bridal party.

In summer, short sleeves, light materials, and boyfriend shirt-style pyjamas can be winners. The lighter they are, the more comfortable they will be when the mercury rises. If you’re having a winter wedding, long-sleeve pyjamas with snug slippers can be a winning recipe.

  1. Set a Budget

The market is full of different personalised pyjamas for sale, making it challenging to know what to buy. Setting a budget – be it an overall cost or unit rate – can allow you to narrow down your options. However, it’s worth knowing that the higher the price, the higher the pyjamas’ quality can be.

  1. Consider Monogramming

Pyjamas become personalised when you add a name to them. Some brides add the full name of the recipient, while others use a first name or initials. The more discreet the monogramming, the more versatile the set of pyjamas can become for occasions other than just your wedding.

  1. Focus on Presentation

When you buy pyjamas from a retail store, you don’t spare much thought for presentation. They come in a regular bag, and there’s nothing spectacular about how that bag looks. In saying that, if you are gifting pyjamas to your bridal party, the presentation can be everything.

You may like to put them in individual gift boxes with tissue paper and a bow. You may even see the value in investing in wooden crates that your bridal party can keep forever. The presentation can add just a little more value to the gift – even though special wedding pyjamas are a valuable gift on their own.

  1. A Few Extras

You will surely find that your bridal party is thrilled when they receive pyjamas with their names emblazoned on them. Still, it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile by giving them a few other items, as well. Consider a bottle of wine, some beauty products, chocolate, or even pamper vouchers.

Your bridesmaids would have done so much for you during the planning stages of your wedding, so it can be worth thanking them for their efforts.

Personalised pyjamas can be a thoughtful gesture for your bridal party. They can wear them in the events leading up to your wedding day – and in the many years after you say ‘I do’. Spend some time browsing the many different options to ensure you purchase the best possible option for your best friends.