5 Fun Outdoor Games For Adult Groups

They say that as we grow older, the child within us never leaves us, and that to some extent explains why adults of all ages still love to play games. These can take several forms, and some group activities for adults range from outright competitive sports to simple games. These are good choices whether you’re organising barbecues or bucks parties.

If you are looking for new fun activities band in particular, games, and would prefer them to take place outdoors instead of indoors, we are going to outline 5 of them for you. We hope we have found at least one that everyone who reads this will find enjoyable.

#1 Ring Toss

For this, you will need plastic rings and a number of empty bottles. The object of the game is to throw a ring at the bottles and score points for each bottle that a ring lands around. As a variation, you could paint the bottles different colours and award different numbers of points depending on a bottle’s colour. You can compete against each other individually, or in teams.

#2 Balloon Darts

What you will need for this is loads of balloons, some sticky tape and obviously, some darts. First, blow up a number of balloons and then tape them to a fence or a wooden board. The game involves throwing darts at the balloons in order to burst them. The simplest scoring system is the number of balloons burst but you could change that so that different coloured balloons score more points than others.

#3 Capture The Flag

You split your group into two or more teams, with each team having their own flag although a napkin or small towel will suffice. Each team hides their flag within a park or woods, but a tiny portion of their flag must be visible.

The game then starts with the other teams all trying to find each other’s flag and bring it back to their base without the other team catching them. If any member of a team gets caught you could have ‘punishments ‘ such as being soaked with a bucket of water, but they can be rescued by their own team too.

#4 Bocce Ball

Each person, or team, if there are more than two playing, has two or more coloured balls, and there is also a white ball. The first player throws the white ball, and then the game is to throw a coloured ball to try and get it to land as close to the white ball as possible. The person throwing the white ball should be rotated and is normally the one who scored most points previously.

#5 Corner Colours

For this you need four items which each have a different colour. You can use pieces of cloth, balloons or even pieces of paper , but whichever you use, you first place one of them in each corner of the yard or playing area you are in. One player stands in the centre and is blindfolded. The other players stand around them. The centre player plays shouts ‘Go’, and then the others must start moving around.

When the centre player shouts ‘Stop’. The other players must dash to one of the four corners. Once they are there the centre player shouts out one of the four colours, and whoever is standing in that corner is eliminated. Keep playing until only one player remains, and then start with a new centre player.