Things to Do in Bali

Bali travel offers various activities to do depending on their Southeast Asia itinerary.

Ubud presents the best experience for people interested in biking. While biking, you will be able to see the countryside and meet with the Balinese, which is the best way to see the artistic villages and rice paddles located all over Bali, and take a few photos for your personal collection is by biking. It is a safe activity for the entire family.

Kuta has the best scenery for surfers, and the best beaches in the whole of Bali, evidenced by the huge number of people seen walking in bikinis along the beaches. Tanah Lot provides the best background for those who love watching sunsets at the end of a relaxing day. Similarly, it can provide an unforgettable experience for those on the lookout for the best place to view the sun rising early in the morning.

Balinese festivals
Balinese love festivals, and with festivals, comes a lot of dancing. Uluwatu is the place you want to go to in case you need to enjoy what the locals call Kecak dance. This dance is not uniquely Balinese since a German artist taught it to them back in the 1930s. However, they have added several aspects of their culture into the dance and turned it into one of their most intriguing attractions, making it a hallmark of their culture.

Menjangan Island in Bali provides tourists with the best location for snorkeling. Menjangan is located to the far west side of Bali and is one of the farthest places regardless of where you travel from in this Southeast Asia Island. Finally, nothing is as therapeutic and relaxing as taking a road trip to Lake Bratan in Bali. You will only spend $50 per day to hire a taxi for the road trip to Lake Bratan, which is very affordable in comparison to western standards and rates.